Gathbodhan Highland Cattle


At Gathbodhan we do more than ‘show pretty cows’ for at Gathbodhan we believe the future of the Highland breed is based upon proving the quality and viability of the carcase traits to the marketplace, and not resigning it to some
Rare Breeds Trust or novel petting zoo.

Highland Cattle are renowned throughout the United Kingdom, Europe, Americas and New Zealand for their superior eating quality, high dressing percentage, low cholesterol carcase traits, and at Gathbodhan we have set the task of proving this to the Australian market

In addition to entering our animals into the Beef Cattle Show Ring to display their carcase traits ‘on hoof’, we also enter our steers in ‘on hook’ competitions so that they may compete against the more popular or recognised mainstream breeds so that we may have the breed gain its rightful place as a beef animal – first and foremost.

At Gathbodhan all our sires and females are DNA tested to ensure they carry the genetic traits for good feed conversion to produce a high yielding low cholesterol carcase with benchmarked levels of marbling and tenderness.

At Royal Show level, with a purebred Highland steer we have achieved carcase results of 85.42 with the animal having the largest EMA in its class

Infact Highland Cattle have for many years quietly achieved consistent high quality scores in carcase competitions as both cross and purebred animals, dressing out at a greater percentage than many of the mainstream breeds and achieving the highest marbling score. In 2001, Highland carcases dumbfounded the critics by taking four carcase section ribbons at Royal Canberra and Sydney Royal Easter Shows with scores of 87, 84.5, 84 and 82.5

In 2009, Gathbodhan placed 3rd in its ‘on hoof’ class with Gathbodhan D6 Fat Yak, and placed 5th ‘on hook’ with the highest marbling score in the class.

And in 2010 we were awarded 1st place in the Australian Highland Cattle Society’s National Carcase Competition

Highland carcase with top marks in class for marbling -

1992 Royal Brisbane Show

1993 RAS / AMLC Prime Beef Show

1999 Dubbo National Steer Show

2001 Royal Canberra Show

2001 Sydney Royal Easter Show

2003 Royal Canberra Show

2009 Royal Adelaide Show
(Gathbodhan D6 Fat Yak)

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