Gathbodhan Highland Cattle

Gathbodhan Highland Cattle is located at Kersbrook and set high in the north/eastern Adelaide Hills. After farming a variety of beef breeds over the years, early in the 2000’s we turn our attention to the Highland breed because of the many benefits which can be found on The Breed page.

Much time, effort and resources was placed into sourcing the base stock for our herd.

We required not only animals of the best genetic kind, and animals with superior structure and conformation, but animals of character – with that something special.

With a base herd established, we have further concentrated on producing animals of superior conformation and structure with a specialized AI program being put into place, and the introduction of full blood breeding animals.

Gathbodhan Highland Cattle have quickly risen to forefront of Highland breeders based here in Australia, and are recognised for the quality animals produced.

All this having been said, here on the farm, our grass roots are not forgotten, and only animals who produce outstanding carcass qualities, and display an ease of handling with their quiet temperament are selected to continue on further and achieve results in breeding, showing, and customer sales.

Our Breeding Objective

At Gathbodhan we continually strive to achieve our objective.
To breed animals with structure, temperament, and style, whilst providing carcass qualities suitable for the range of niche markets that exist between the show ring and the plate.
We aim to breed females that produce, and bulls that perform under the harshest of conditions without genetically altering the distinct physical appearance and appeal of the classic Highland, ie. the horns and the coat.

Crossbreeding With Highlands

At Gathbodhan, we see Highland cattle with a great potential in this market.
We have provided Highland bulls to local commercial cattle breeders for use over heifers due to the desirable low birthweights produced by the Highland sire.
We have overseen a successful Highland/Murray Grey crossbreeding program.
Predictably, the calves weaned at higher rates than Highland pure bred progeny and 100% of the calves born were polled. We will be utilizing this low birth weight and high growth rate potential within our commercial stock and our adjacent stud Charolais heifers.

Although showing is a time and money consuming exercise, it is also one of the most successful methods of displaying and marketing stud cattle.

Ribbons and trophies may provide visual satisfaction, however most will learn very quickly that showing is not a guide in breeding cattle. Mating champion bulls with champion cows will not improve herds and achieve breeding goals.

We use showing to present to fellow breeders, the beef industry and the public the direction in which we are heading with our cattle. Our showteam represent a direction we are aiming to achieve in our breeding objectives.

Gathbodhan Highlands are prepared to show Highland cattle as beef cattle.
They are lightly clipped to “block” the body to prepare the animals in such a way that both judges and the public can assess the structure and overall balance of the animal.

There is more to the Gathbodhan Highland cow than hair and horns.
We aim to achieve females that are feminine and smooth without compromising muscle, and bulls that achieve ideal carcass figures to produce suitable progeny.


PHOTOS: A typical 12mth old bull, sired by
Chester Dohnn Laird of Gathbodhan


At Gathbodhan our main aim is

Breeding Quiet Quality

At Gathbodhan our main goal is

Quietly Breeding Quality

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