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At Gathbodhan we seek productivity and fertility.
Although that we believe the choice of a sire is a significant part of a breeding program, we also rely on the productivity of our females to ensure our future success in achieving our goals.

Because of this choice, we have ensured a wide genetic base in our female herd that includes some of the most recognised studs in Australia - Durness, Mayfield, Glengrove, Bairnsley and Rahil Park. We have also secured some unique overseas genetics including Swains, Maple Lea and Glen Aspen. This has allowed us create a number of cow lines that will remain in our herd for years to come.

A Gathbodhan sire is selected for structure, feed efficiency, and temperament.
Utilizing Artificial Insemination allows us to individually select outstanding bulls to compliment our top females.

Chester Dhonn Laird of Gathbodhan
AHCS Herdbook No - 5484

Chester Dhonn Laird of Gathbodhan

This bull has had an impact in our herd like no other; his female progeny are structurally correct, free moving animals with outstanding maternal attributes. Used to correct leg and foot structure as well as muscling, this bull continues to generate females that produce and bulls that perform: everything we ask for.
His figures as shown indicate the outstanding carcass qualities he potentially provides to his progeny. He provides extra bone and muscle, appealing characteristics for carcass attributes.
Chester was sold to Robert and Molly Wroe; Pippin Park Highlands, New Zealand in 2007 where he will continue to have an impact.


A classic 2 year old female

A classic 2 year old female sired by
Chester Dhonn Laird of Gathbodhan
Birth/wt- 38kg
400 D/wt- 405kg
800 D/wt- 690kg

Wt – 895kg
EMA – 134cms
Rib/P8 – 8 & 6

Marbling - 2
Tenderness -5
Efficiency – 7

Licensed Semen available

Cardinal of Gathbodhan

AHCS Herdbook No - 6294

Cardinal of Gathbodhan


We have retained this bull within our herd to grow him out into the ideal sire we see him as being. He is a earlier maturing type animal with outstanding growth, excellent hoof shape and structure and a desirable muscling pattern. His temperament is unflappable, making him highly manageable. A particularly appealing trait to this young bull is that he has a high feed efficiency, making him a “good doer” even through the drought.

From a first calving heifer that we consider one of our top cows; we think this bull will do the job for us in both our stud Highland herd and our Charolais/Highland commercial herd.


Marbling - 2
Tenderness -5
Efficiency – 7




Du Boise Lecoq (CA)


Du Boise Lecoq (CA)


 Sire: Du Boise Heliaque (CA)
Dam: Amber of Morgan (CA)

Breeding Values
600 D/wt- 841kg
M/Wt- 941 kg
SC- 43cm
Frame Score- 4.5

A Canadian AI bull imported into Australia in recent years, bringing much needed new genetics. We have used him successfully to produce cattle that perform well in the paddock and the showring. Du Boise Lecoq has provided us some good cattle with high feed efficiency and exceptional growth rates.


Rushmore Bracken (UK)

Rushmore Bracken (UK)

Sire: Achnacloich Wallace (UK)
Dam: Windsworth Fleur (UK)

A newer edition to the Australian Highland society, Rushmore Bracken promises explosive growth and earlier maturing carcass’s that suit the modern Highland. Progeny viewed here in Australia have proven this assumption with excellent weight for age and EMA figures.

James of Cruachan (ET)(AUS)

Breeding Values

MWt- 848 kg

Scans at 42mths

P8: 11mm

EMA: 123cm2

James of Cruachan (ET)(AUS)

Sire: Jock of Cullerne (UK)
Dam: Mointeag of Trelissick (AI) (NZ)

An Australian sire from the renowned Cruachan stud, Victoria, James has produced some sound progeny for us that are quiet and easily managed. We continue to use James as he produces the growth and soundness that we are trying to achieve.

Gille Coir of Pennygowan (UK)

Gille Coir of Pennygowan (UK)

Sire: Fraoch of Douglas (UK)
Dam: Ellit of Glenforsa (UK)

An older, traditional sire that has had a significant impact on the Highland breed here in Australia. Gille Coir has sired some significant progeny in the past and continues to have some impact on the modern Highland.

Black Watch Emmett

American Highland Cattle Association Reg No – 38623

Emmett at 48mths and 988 kilos

Sire – DH Excel (Grand Sire – DH Gatwick, Grand Dam – DH Xanadu)

Dam – Four’s Emma (Grand Sire – Gilchrist’s Jock, Grand Dam – Peigi’s Four of Willmorrie)

We have observed this bull for 12 months now, assessing the progeny he has achieved. This bull brings the entirely outcross genetics we so need here within Australia, he will also provide outstanding progeny with high growth rates, viable Highland “characteristics” and correct structure and conformation.

Above all, the thing that impressed us the most with this bull is his overall balance, conformation, length and frame score (4.5) - he is an impressively put together bull.

We have imported a limited number of straws which will be made readily available to producers, and hold great expectations for the positive impact this bull will have on our Highland cattle herds here in Australia.

It’s not often the Highland breed here in Australia is provided with such quality outcross genetics that are significantly different from the older style cattle in the UK.


Emmett at 24mths

Emmett at 24mths

Emmett's dam Four's Emma and DH Excel's dam DH Xanadu

Emmett's dam Four's Emma and
DH Excel's dam DH Xanadu

A typical Emmett heifer,Black Watch Lucy,Denver Div. Champ 2008

A typical Emmett heifer,
Black Watch Lucy,
Denver Div. Champ 2008

With his powerful genetic combination this bull presents as very structurally correct, and has excellent leg and foot structure.

Emmett had a yearling weight of 365kg, at 730 days he was 684kg, and his current paddock weight is 988kg. At the NWSS in 2005 aged just 24mths his scrotal circumference was 34.5cms, his REA was 17.04, with a back fat of .76cms and an IMF of 3.1%

Emmett’s sire DH Excel had a 205 day weight of 208kg and a yearling weight of 396kg. Excel was included in the AHCA performance test in 1999/2000 and achieved an index of 120 with a scrotal circumference of 32cms, back fat of .5cms, an REA of 32cms at 45kg and a marbling score of 6.4.
Lastly his frame score was the largest in the test at 4.5. Excel was ‘Get of Sire Champion’ (Sires progeny) at the NEHCA in both 2003 and 2004.

Emmett’s dam Four’s Emma is Black Watch Farms top brood cow who with her very good udder and excellent feets retains an average weight of 635kg. Her show ring records are unmatched.

Emmett was ‘Get of Sire’ Champion at his 2008 National Show, with his daughters Black Watch Lucie and Black Watch Allie achieving Denver Division Champion and Reserve Grand Champion.

Finally, let BLACK WATCH EMMETT’s show ring results speak for themselves

2003 AHCA – **Roll of Excellence Junior Champion Bull**

2003 NEHCA – Junior Bull reserve Champion
2003 KILE – Junior Bull Champion
2004 NEHCA – Yearling Bull Champion
2004- NEHCA – Grand Champion Bull
2004 AHCA - **Roll of Excellence Show Bull of the Year**
2004 AHCA - **Roll of Excellence Yearling Champion Bull**
2004 MAHA - Junior Yearling Bull Champion
2004 MAHA - Grand Champion Bull
2004 NYSF - Junior Yearling Bull Champion
2004 NYSF - Reserve Grand Champion Bull


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